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Me being wanted, is like a person trying to breathe underwater.

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I told myself it was okay to forgive and forget
because I loved you; I told myself it was okay
when you broke my heart because I meant it
when I said it belonged to you. So I couldn’t
have been happier when you finally came through,
even though it was just because you felt lonely—
it didn’t matter, I was just glad to feel wanted,
I was just glad to feel like I was finally someone to you;
but now, you’re empty and you don’t want me to leave
even though I told you a hundred times I wouldn’t,
you still have your hands clenched around me and
I’m starting to suffocate and I really can’t breathe,
and I’m trying to love you but how can I when you
have taken away the air and the reasons
why my heart should still be beating?

Loving you has never been easy, but letting go just might kill me (via ink-trails)
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I know you love listening to sad music when you’re having a bad day. I know you bite your nails but I don’t know why you do that. I know you can’t remember dates. I know you don’t have the easiest life. I know your voice gets hard to understand when you’re really tired at night and I know when you’re tired because you start telling me things that make no sense at all. I know you are impacient. And anxious. And stressed. I know you’re indecisive about everything on this world but I know you aren’t about me. I know that you love taking your showers at 3 am. I know that you can’t go five minutes without checking your phone. I really wanna know how your lips taste and how you gonna feel on my fingertips. And at last, I know that there’s no one I’d rather be with than you.

Chapter 1
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It honestly sucks when the people you can’t imagine living without can actually live without you

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